Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Leather Bracer: Basic


^ The Bracer this tutorial results in ^

So, first off you need some leather. I play in BMCS so I need 12oz leather min, for the rules, if you are playing any game were you need actual impact protection, go with 12 oz or higher. Many LARPs and Boffers don't have such strict requirements, so you can get away with much thiner leather. But even then you may want a bit thicker, as it just feels more like armor.

For this tutorial you need:
  • 12oz leather
  • Aviation snips
  • Pattern (provided)
  • Pencil
  • Electric Drill, and Bit
  • Something to lace them up with

Ok so first off, I traced my bracer pattern on to my leather. I traced in to the back side of the leather. The pattern I used is a modified version of this one from the armor archive.

Pattern I modified.

Use the Aviation snips to cut it out. Ok, so it is a bit of work to cut it out, but, not nearly as hard as steel.

Next I decided on the lacing pattern I wanted to use, and drilled the holes. As you can see I marked the holes, and have wood block under the leather so I don't reck the floor. It was surprisingly easy.

Here you have it, now just add laces, and you have functional basic leather bracer!
Edit: I don't know why, but I always seem to get the holes wrong. See how far the first lacing hole is from the "wrist end" of the bracer? That = bad, I will probably have to drill another hole. The way I here it here, the bracer will slide down the arm until the wrist lace hole is over the  wrist, the causes the bracer to restrict wrist movement.


Edit: I have edited the post add-ign a few comments.


Anonymous said...

You should use either a box knife or an Exacto knife to cut leather, not shears of any sort. Also drilling holes can tear the leather, you want to punch it. Check out Tandy Leather to see some of the very inexpensive tools they sell. I make a lot of period leather for stage combat.

Anonymous said...

damn, you need to get a life...