Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oriental Fantasy Garb, stage 4: Coat Trim

These next few half dozen posts or so are being transferred from a forum I posted them on.


I now have the rid trim on most of my coat. I am using the pre folded stuff, bias tape, I was going to use a "tiered"er red from the left over cloth used to make my bros tunic, but opted for ease instead. I would have finished triming but hadn't bot enough red bias tape, so walked to the mall only to fine they close before 5 on Saterdays apparently... Oh well another time I gu


Ok, got some more red stuff and furnished up the arms! Yay!

From the front.

From the back.

I will be adding Toggles in place of buttons across the chest (probably 4). I want wooden ones. Problem is, can't seem to remeber where I saw them, and now I can only find plastic ones like these:

Not only are those like $1.50 a peace, but I don't want to go with those, so I might have to be creative and make some out of ether wood or steel...

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