Friday, October 31, 2008

My boffer armory

Ok here are some Pictures! Whoohoo!

Here is Jesse holding my 8ft+ spear. Jesse fights with us in Belegarth on fridays.

And here I am in may garb, with my "revitalized" short spear. Note the stile'n greaves. I Made this week. More on this in a later post.

And here is my Armory. Short: 1 Short sword (in my sword belt) and a jav (lost in the park, but found by a nice kid who returned it to me).

In total I have:
three 4ft Javs
two 5ft spears
one 8ft spear
one spike (dagger)
one long-er sword
two medium swards
three short short swards
one Mallet/hatchet
one curvy sword (for sale)
one flail
one red sword
one PVC bow and arrow (not bel legal)

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