Monday, October 6, 2008

Report on Zotefoams from Mountain Equipment Co-op

So I went to Mountain Equipment Co-op over the weekend to examine and pickup some foam. So here are my findings!

  • First off, the Blue Foam and the Evazote foam appear to be suitable foam for weapon construction, they are both a bit softer but spring back right away, and are not prone to easy damage.
  • Yo can see the cells easily in the blue foam, but not in the yellow stuff. However, to the touch, the yellow is defiantly tougher than the blue.
  • .5cm is really to thin, I think you would have to double it up, but the bum pad foam is thick enough. Also, there we an even thicker Evazote pad at the store (that wasn't on the site) for $33. It looked like it was probably .5" and would defiantly work, though would make larger weapons.
  • I purchased the $22 Evazote yellow 1cm thick pad. I beleve it will work just fine.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op requires you to present $5 membership in order to buy anything. Just a heads up.

So, for all you Albertans, (and Canadians) rejoice! There is at least one place in country you can get suitable foam!

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