Monday, November 17, 2008

Strathclyde Resource Store

"Strathclyde has just taken one giant step in the Belegarth world, proving that we are very serious about what we are doing, and committed to doing it with excellence."

Introducing the Strathclyde Resource Store!

 I have been spending the last few weeks working on something very cool, something I think is groundbreaking, and the likes of which Belegarth has, up till now, not seen anything like (at least, to my knowledge)! The Strathclyde Resource Store provides downloadable content and recourses to help supply realms, units and fighters, new and old with what they need to take things to the next level.

 We have a dream of Alberta being a Belegarth icon, leading the way in this great game and sport. This is just the first step of many toward that goal.

 Asides from the store opening itself, we are taking things even further, simultaneously releasing another ground braking product. The New Realm Starter Kit which is also a ground braking product, giving realms a jump start and that little bost they need to get off the ground. "The kit will be constantly evolving and expanding as we find new resources to add, in fact we are already looking at some exiting new additions that might be added as soon as January!"

Very cool, check it out!

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