Monday, December 22, 2008

Armor Patterns

Ok I have been promising a post on patterns. Well here it is!

Well to start off I do a google search and check a few sites that I know of:

And some times these are good enough, and I am finished here. I print it off, cut it out and trace it on to my material.

However. Usually I want to make my own design. So I sue my printed out pattern as a template to start modifying.

Now paper is very playable week substance. So I often I will transfer to cardboard or something else, that wile still payable, give some rigidity to the template. Some people use craft foam.

I always try the template on to see if I like it. If I am not satisfied with the cardboard version, what are the chances that I will be happy with the steel or leather version? Slim. Thats what.

If you will be attaching peaces together (with rivets say) you should always test with your templates first. Even if all you have is tape.

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