Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Sword

Yesterday I sat down and made a sword out of the first half of the fiberglass core got a few weeks ago. I love it.

It comes in at around 32" despite the fact I cut it at 27". There is a stabbing tip on it, but I am thinking it is not soft enough. My next sword will be shorter and have a stabbing tip in Darr's design I think.

I used white hockey tape and wood stain to get the brown. I hope it holds up because I love the look.

The grip was first obliged with foam strips and for 7g tier weights. Then wrapped in thick rope (same stuff on my longer brown sword), then wrapped in white hockey tape stained and then in leather from an old leather jacket. It is quite nice.


1 comment:

Shanetera said...

Those hand grips are super sexy.