Monday, August 31, 2009

More Rag Rug Garb

I am wondering about selling them online, what price would you expect to see somthing like this for?

The plain color rugs have been out of stalk for a wile so I got some more scrap rugs to try some other things:

A Rag Rug Tabard/Vest:

I have been wearing this one under my chain mail, and man does it make good padding! I can hardly feel the chain anymore when hit hard, where as before a hard strike to the edge would put me on the sidelines for a short bit (Oriental 4 in 1 half vest).

And I have made a sort of poncho that can go with it (or the base peace of the coat), didn't turn out quite as I had hoped so I am going to get some more at some point and try again. I have yet to need to wear it (our warm weatherjust decided to hit-ish).

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