Monday, November 16, 2009

Team Tabards

I made up these tabards with the remains of the green and purple cloth I had got from Mog to make the other tabards I posted. They are what I call "sports tabards", more commonly known as skinny tabards. The idea is they can be used to help differentiate teams at practices.

The little orange things are rope flags. The Airdrith logo is acrylic paint, and the black stripes are spray paint.

Edit: It took me a few hours to make the green tabards and a few to make the purple tabards, and were made very quickly. As I didn't want to spend much time making them (and was short on bias tape), the first few tabards have simple single folded edge with a zig zag pattern. However I got brave a pulled out the hemming foot for my sewing machine and within a few tabards had figured it out. It makes wonderful tight little hems.


sirmadog said...

I like them in concept. I don't know if I like the way they look. I guess for free fabric you can't complain. I should probably make a how-to to make bias-tape for super cheap, it would improve the look of these tabards 100%:

Get a piece of cardboard cut it about 20" long by exactly 4" wide. Cut down the middle a slit about 14" long exactly 2"s from ether side. Go to Walmart and buy those cheep 3$ 'FLAT' (not fitted) twin bed sheets that are not worth crap (Black ones are best for this project). Take the sheet out of the packaging and Fold the sheet in half width wise several time keeping the overall width of the sheet. Once the width is less than the 20" piece of cardboards 14" slit rap the sheet around the cardboard starting at a slit. Then cut the sheet along/ through the slit. The result of this will be several strips of fabric that I 4" wide x the length of the sheet.

Now pull out your iron, and set it to hottest cotton / polyester blend setting with steam, get some water for refills this process takes a long time and you will use a lot of it. Fold each strip in half and press a good crease into the fabric. Once all strips have been pressed go back to the first, unfold and then fold the edge down into the crease and press again, once you get the hang of it you can fold both edges at once. When you first try do one side and then the other. After both edges have been folded in and pressed re-fold the original crease and press. You should now have a 1" piece of very long biased tape.

The Movie Maker said...

I made bias tape a long time ago one time ago, if you do make the how to I would love to post it! Arrakis made one a wile back, that is a bit more complicated than what you described:
Hmm... I am going to edit the post and add more details.