Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making a Shield - prt.2: The rest

These 2 shields have turned out the best I have yet made. Maybe not Edhellen quality, but pretty nice if I do say so myself. I basically followed this tutorial so if you want to follow along with it, but see actually pictures, here they are.

First I took my shield blanks I already made. (see here)

Laying them on a camp pad I used them as a template that I "traced" with my knife.

The first of 3 face layers cut out.

Then I cut stripes for the edge layer. Enough for there to be 4 layers covering all edges.

Face layers glued on.

Edge layers from the back.

Edge layers from the front.

Next I taped the seams with duct tape to reenforce them. Be sure to use a good and sticky tape or it wont work. (you can't see it but I taped the face side as well)

You will also note that I added straps. I did this before I glued the first face foam on. Use a strong strapping that you don't have any fear of ripping out, it will be a pain to replace.

Next I took a peace of fabric and marked a circle 5" larger around it. See this tutorial.

Here you can see I cut along that marked line.

And sewing like the tutorial said I made it in to a draw string cover.

Shield one I painted with wood stain and acrylic paint for the details.

The Second I painted with spray paint, black is the base coat, with a red over resulting in that nice deep read. I used masking tape to help define the edges.


sirmadog said...

Looking good. Hey I have been working on a pair of grieves, if I write up a tutorial on them, might you want to re-post them?


The Movie Maker said...

Absolutely, I would love to.