Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oriental Fantasy Garb, stage 6: Toggles!


These next few half dozen posts or so are being transferred from a forum I posted them on.


Toggles! Toggles. I love em. They looks cool. I plan on using them allot. However, as you may know I couldn't find any wood ones, the ones I did find were ugly plastic ones, that were to expensive for my taste. So I made my own!

Ok So I start with a dowl, I dont know how big (I just found it in my basement, and haven't had to go buy more yet), and measured and marked it at every 2", then put an X in-between each 2" mark (at 1")

I clamped it down and used a 7/32 drill bit and drilled a hole on every X. (note on the clamping, don't continuously clamp to hard on one spot, the dowel can split)

Then I used a hack saw blade (all my hacksaws are busted ) and cut on the 2" marks.

The first one!

And here are all for, you can see they are rather rough, and splintery.

So I sanded them down. The ends and around the holes.

There! 4 nice toggles! At this point I could have put some sort of finish on them (or paint) if I have wanted.

And here they are on my jacket!

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