Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sword Belt A


These next few half dozen posts or so are being transferred from a forum I posted them on.


Ok here is the word belt. I made it last summer, on the sper of the moment. I only had duct tape and hockey tape with me. But I went out and found some twig/thick read week things that had dried up. and used them for the cores of the toggles and the adjustment, triangle, belt things (anyone know what those are called?). However, I think you want to know how it works, or what it is made of... (links to full size images below each pict.)

It is 3 separate peaces.

As you can see it has one loop attaching it to the belt, however, I wish it had two, not only is there a lot of stress on this loop, but another look would make it more stable.

On each side there is a loop to which the strap attaches via a toggle.

the toggle loops through the strap and back up to two more "loops" attached to the strap, they are fairly tight, making it secure, so it wont accidentally come loose in a battle.

The two straps are attached together with an adjustable fastener comprised of two ridged rings (or in my case triangles) fastened by a loop on the end of one of the straps, like you may find on some belts.

The the other strap is longer and is put through both triangles, the =n back through just one. This allows for almost infinitely large or miniscule adjustments for the perfect fit.

I plan on making a new sword belt, out of the excess cloth from my tunic, similar to this one, but with a few modifications.

Note, in the pictures, I have the straps on backwards. I had forgot that I could switch them, changing it from a right sided to left sided belt. The triangles shood be on my back shoulder. It is more comfortable that way, and also causes the hole thing not to pull in weird ways.

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