Thursday, July 17, 2008

Safely disposing of cut scrap steel

Ok, so you have cut some stuff out of steel. And when you are done and cleaning up, you have some pointy edges left over. Very sharp pointy edges. If you throw those away they will shread the garbage bag! Here are two ways to deal wit them.

First way, role the point up so there can be no stabbing. You need:
  • A pair of needle nose pliers
  • Another set pliers, any kind will do

It is to hard to show with pictures, so here is a video of how it is done.

And you end up with this!

And on the end of the uncut peace of steel. This is my first choice, by far the best.

The second, you need:
  • Duct tape
Start with a little pace like so

fold it over like this. Now this would be good enough, but lets take it further...

Folding it like this...

taking another small peace...

and rolling it up like so!

There you have it, to ways to dispose of your scary pointy ends!

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