Monday, July 21, 2008

Smoothing jagged edges - Making a Simple Pauldron: Pt. 2

You need:
  • Steel with rough and or gaged edges
  • Sand paper (any kind will do just fine)
  • File (optional)
  • Work Gloves

See the jagged edges?

Put on the gloves! You will be liding you fingers and hand over a rough steel seraphic, and can easily cut yourself. No, you don't need the goggles.

Start out by filing the edges down. Start by filing on a 90° angel to the steel. Smooth off the really rough points.
Note: if you don't have a file you can use sand paper. Use a large grit. Be warned. Using a file will take 10X less time though.

Next file off the rough sides, at about the 20° and 45° angles.

You will now have a much smoother shape, and though you can't tell in this image, the edge will be slightly rounded.

However, it ill not be smooth to the touch.

Taking it smooth is the sand papers job!

Take the sand paper like so, and firmly and quickly rub it back and forth over the edge until smooth to the touch.

See the difference?

And here are both finished! There should be no risk of accidentally cutting your self on them now.

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