Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Small Pavilion Tent: Step 5 -The Spokes

Now comes that part where I got so rushed I didn't have time to take picture in action, so I have taken some supplementary pictures hopefully they will fill in the gapes well, if not, pleas ask for clarification.

In this Tut I will be making the spokes, the spokes "plug-in" to the hub, and hold the walls and bottom of the roof out away from the center pole.

From Stuff Maker Blog
Ok, and before we get going, here is my tent diagram, the reason I am bringing this up again is you can easily check back here to see where i am getting my dimensions from.

I purchased four 8' poles, these will be my spokes.

They are each 1 5/16"

Ok, this is a supplementary pic. I measured from the center of the center pole hole, 4' out. 

I used my jig saw to cut it, but really, any saw will do, a hack saw would work great for example.

I have a jar of odd screws I found 8 longer ones...

..then get out my power drill and bit that matches

And put a screw in one end of each of the 8 poles/spokes

The screws each go through one of the 8 Grommets at the bottom/valence of the roof.

The other end of the spoke needs to be sanded down to fit in the spoke holes in the hub. This will take a LONG time by hand so you will likely want to use some kind of automated sander. You can see the cheep vibrating sander on the left, but personally, if you already have a drill, you could get a drill sander attachment which I prefer, it is cheeper and a lot nicer to use.

Here is a sanded spoke fitting in to a hub.

Ok,that is it. I hope that all made sense!

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