Friday, September 19, 2008

Small Pavilion Tent: Letter from Max

I sent Max an e-mail thanking him for their Max & Mickel's Easy, No-bake Pavilion article, here is the response I got.

Hello Dallas,

Your first camping trip with the new tent was certainly more exciting than most! I'm not sure if my tent has ever seen that kind of wind.

In a 1" flat felled seam each panel goes past the center of the seam by half an inch, and then folds back a full inch from there. That's 1.5" of allowance for a 1" seam. Perhaps the rolled seams you used were different?

Thank you for posting pictures of your tent! I'm glad that my article was useful to you.


Judging from this I would say that I am using a different flat felled seam than they are, and that is probably the main reason for the loose fit of the tent to the frame. So if you decide to follow these tutorials, ether follow Max's description of a flat felled seam or if you follow mine, only give a 1" seam allowance not 1.5".

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