Monday, September 29, 2008

Small Pavilion Tent: Step 6 - The Center Pole

This tut has been unusually difficult to put together, and as such it is likely I missed some things and possibly am not as clear as I could be at times, so pleas feel free to ask for clarification if needed!

With a single pole pavilion tent, it just follows that the center pole is the most important part of the structure, it really holds the hole thing together. Mine is made to split in to 2 parts, and is really, rather simple.

I started with a 10' 1.5" hard wood pole. 10' because I designed my tent to be 10' high.
I bought a thing called a ________. I found it in the plumbing section of Home Depot.
I also found a dowel in my basement.

Wood/Carpenters Glue
Power Drill
Drill Bit the size of the dowel

The ____ is the key to the center pole. Here is what it looks like, I could have got a longer one, but would not wont to get one much smaller. It is really just a copper tube with a lip.

Pay careful attention, this sounds a bit complicated but really isn't. The hub will sit on top of the "lip" of the ______ (The coper pipe). The outer diameter of the _____ is exatly 1.5", same and as the center pole, meaning the inner diameter is a wee bit smaller. This is good, this means that it cant just slide down the pole, I have to do a bit of sanding to get it to slide on.

I want the pole to split in to two peaces for transport, so I want to cut the pole in two.
I want the hub and spokes to sit 6' above the ground, however I want the bottom part of the pole to only slide half way up the ______ (the coper pipe).

So I sanded and end of my pole down to it would fit about half way in to the tube, when I had the tube on as far as it would go I measured 6' from the tube lip down the pole to find out where I would cut! Simple!

In order to keep the roof on, the top of the center pole needs a little peg. I used a dowel I found in my basement cut it at about 4" and then drilled a hole about the same diameter about 2 1/2" deep. I used wood glue to make it stay put.

And that is it! Naturally I sanded all the rough ends to make them smooth and not so splintery.

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The Movie Maker said...

Well I seem to have lost (much to my chagrin) the receipts for this project. Next time I am at Home Depot I will check the name of the pipe and fill in all those blanks!