Saturday, January 24, 2009

Links Tunic

   My apologies for the lack of posts the last wile, I have some things to show ,but life is busy, and one of the cameras with pictures on it... I can't find the USB cable for to get the pictures of it. OY!

   However, despite all that I I have something to post! See I remembered that I had not shown you something I made for my brothers birthday back in june! A Link Tunic (From the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princes) . This is one of my best peaces of garb I have made I think. I Did my absolute best to get as close to the actual thing I could.

The Fabric was in the Fabric Land Bargain Bin, and I believe, from what I can tell it is actualy a linen! So I was pretty exited!

Ok, use this image as Legend to show all the details I attempted to replicate on this tunic.

This little "flap" covers the end of the split in the sleeve, and adds a lot of character.

The top of the sleeve is not sewn together but rather left split and hemmed. And then "laced up", the holes for the lacing up are offset from each-other to create this unique look.

The Neck is one of the only places I didn't duplicate the large stitching with  leather lacing. The Leather lacing is fairly stiff, and would have been uncomfortable. Even so, I think I did a fairly good job replicating the look.

All the hems were don inside out, if you look at the art above, you will see that the edges are all very thick, and have some fanys. I decided the best way to replicate this was with a thick hem.

One of the most interesting things I think, about Link's tunic is how the sides are not sewn up, but left open and hemmed, then laced up in 2 places on each side.

Ok, stop looking, there is no #6! I just wanted to point out a few other things here. One being the nice texture of the material and how nice the seems look (I am very proud of those!). The other is the thread. I didn't match the thread exactly for 2 reasons, the first being, I didn't have matching thread. The Second being, I never match thread. Why? Thread of a slightly contrasting shade or color, adds a bit of detail to a nice seam, and a bit of character on top of that.

Ok, that is all for now!

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