Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ax Hammer

I spent all Saturday designing cutting and taping what will be one beast of a Red weapon! I was inspired (as I believe many were) to create such a weapon after Arrakis Posted his hammer ax design on the web. I am very pleased with the way mine is looking so far. I always take one day assembling and cutting my peaces and another day for gluing. Masking tape is a fantastic tool.

I was tempted just to go with a mini glaive, as after the 4rth blade layer it appeared to be functional. So all the that ax and hammer nonsense on the is extravagant show. This will probably be my most expensive weapon, costing over $20 in materials so far... (that makes me feel sick...)

From Stuff Maker Blog
My Ax as it is so far...

Arrakis' design