Monday, November 23, 2009

Leather Helm: Type A - Part 1

Ok, so I rediscovered my leftover scrap of leather. I have wanted a helm for a long time, helmets just add that extra something to a worriers look. With or without armor, helmets look cool. I wanted to have some face protection for defense from those pesky projectiles and stray face shot from swords.

I wont promise that this will be a master peace, for instance, I learned that I need to find something better than aviation snips to cut my leather with. THey just cant do the details on the thicker parts.

You will need a peace of 12+ oz leather to have a helm that counts as armor in Belegarth. You will also need: paper pattern, pencil or pen, cutting device (like aviation snips).

My peace of leather was quite small, and mis-shaped. I could only get one grieve out of it or barley two bracers if i had wanted. I was amazed as how much helm I got. I experimented a fair bit to make the pattern. I started with a paper cross as big as I knew that I could get away with, the began to cut away at it to make the shape, continually taping it togather and testing, thin taking it apart and adjusting.

I traced it with pencil, but because the camera could not see the pencil like I traced it again with pen.

I cut it out with aviation snips, and tried a hack saw, but it didn't work all that well ether. But it did get done.

Since I am going to be lacing this helm togather I used an electric drill to make holes every 2cm along every edge of the helm.

To be continued.

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