Monday, November 30, 2009

Leather Helm: Type A - Part 2

Ah! Just realized I had not written this post yet! I was wondering why blogger wasn't auto posting it.

To make my pattern I started with paper that looked like cross. It was in the shape of the most leather I know I could use. From there I worded on getting the seam from face to top to shape nicely to my face. I taped it togather to make sure it would work. If it wouldn't work or only just barley worked with paper I knew it would not work with thick leather. did a lot of trimming and re-taping at this stage.

Once I cut it out and drilled the holes I sewed it togather with some special ultra strong thread. All the threading it doubled. I then made a skirt of chain mail and linked it to the threading I had done on the outside edges. It felt kind of incomplete without it.

Then I used wood stain to die it. Now I should have done the stain before the chain... but I had lost the stain for a wile, got impatient and added the chain first.

Here you can see it finished. I was happy with the staining, this is the first time I have got the uneven stain strokes to work right.

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