Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rag Rug Coat Tutorial: prt 1 - Sleeves


This is part one of how to make a Rag Rug Coat Tutorial. A rag rug coat is a 2 pace garment consisting of a front tying torso peace and a sleeve peace. In this tutorial I will cover how to make the sleeve peace. The sleeves are the simplest part of the coat, and as you can see above if you wish can be warn with a rag rug vest, or even by-themselves.
Rag rug garments are warm and breathable, the coat is no exception and is better for cold weather where than the Rag Rug Vest. Rug garments also provide a good bit of padding, so work well as a poor mans Gambian ether to simply pad blows or to pad under armor.

1. You will need 2 Rag/Bradded Rugs, one for each sleeve. Fold each in half shot ways.

2. Sew along the doted line. You may be able to sew a bit further toward the torso or may need to leave a bit more room depending on build.

3. The double layered rug is very thick, you may want to loosen the pressure of your foot on your sewing machine to get over it better. I did a straight line seam and then a zig zag over that for strength.

4. Next place the 2 completed togather as shown. You want to make a bit of V shape. The angel of the V should by stronger in the back then on the front seam (or the back will bulge a bit). I recommend only doing on seam on each at first as you may want to adjust. The Back seam should also be a bit longer than the front.

After you are sure you have the angel right sew it good at a lot of pull pressure is on these seams. If you can also try to sew over multiple stands of cloth for strength or the rug may begin to separate over time.

That is it. If you have any question, post a comment I would be more than happy to try and clarify anything.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty nice blog you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more soon.

Sincerely yours
Alice Tudes

Mark said...

where did you find the all black cotton rag rugs? Believe it or not, I'm having difficulty finding smaller all black ones.


The Movie Maker said...

Hi Mark, I have been getting mine at Dollarama, it can be hit or miss on what colors there so I have to keep checking in.

I feels so helpful... :(