Monday, January 11, 2010

Rag Rug Vest/Tabard Tutorial


Finally a tutorial on Rag/Bradded Rug fashions!

You will need 2 Bradded Rugs for this project.

Here is what a the Bradded Rug looks like. As you can tell it is quite thick and has a nice texture.

1. Placing the rugs back to back you will sew along the doted lines. Be sure to leave enough room for your head. The lines shown here are a little tight for me, I would not make them any closer togather.

2. The double layered rug is very thick, you may want to loosen the pressure of your foot on your sewing machine to get over it better. I did a state line seam and then a zig zag over that.

3. You will end up with something like this. This side is the inside of the vest. If you want you can call this done here.

4. However, I added one more seam. On the front of the neck I folded the edge over and inside and sewed it flat.

5. And here is the finished product.

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