Monday, January 25, 2010

Rag Rug Coat Tutorial: prt 2 - Torso


This is poart two of my tutorial on making a Rag Rug Coat. See party one here: Rag Rug Coat Tutorial prt 1 - Sleeves

The torso peace is the most complicated of the 3 rag rug peaces. It differs from the vest in quite a few ways. First it is not open on any of the sides but ties up in the front giving more protection and isolation. Second, it is open on the top on the shoulders and doesn't work well by itself, but works best with sleeves.

0. Once again we start with two rag rugs, additionally you will need some strips of cloth.

1. Cut a strip of cloth about 2/3 the length of rugs and sew it on the rug as shown. The red dots show where to sew. I did one additional seam for each side than shown above, for strength. I call this peace the spine.

2. Next on each side fold over a pace of cloth the same size as the spine on each side. Unlike the image above fold it over so that there is cloth on both sides.

3. You can see it better here, as well you will see I have added 4 ties to each side. You don't have to use ties, you could use, loops and then lace it up, buttons, zippers or togals.

4. Next you add the shoulder straps to the spine as shown. Don't be afraid to sew zealously here (once yo are sure you have it in the right spot of corse) as this join will take a lot of stress.

5. Next attach the shoulder straps front. I used ties in this image so I can adjust the straps some, but other times I just sew strait on to the back side of the front. Make sue you measure to get the length of the straps right, and test them before you re-enforce the seams. Make them a bit tighter than you think necessary as rag rug will stretch a bit.

6. And here is what it should look like. A belt makes it look nicer.


Tabitha said...

So, how do you attach the sleeves?

By the way, excellent idea. I might even try it out some time :) .

The Movie Maker said...

It is a 2 peace coat so its not attached, just overlapping. If I attached it I would not be able to get in or out of it. :)