Thursday, June 24, 2010

Afghani Dress

This is the second Afgani dress I have made now. The other being last week, and unfortunately I didn't take any picts of it, this this dress is quite a bit smaller and uses less fabric if you can believe that. What? Why would I be making an Afgani dress? Good question! I don't intend to ware them ether.

For the last 7 years my family and I have taken part in the largest stage production in western Canada. The Canadian Badlands Passion play has a cast of about 150, many with multiple costumes. That is a lot of costumes. This year something different happened, rather than use only the 200 some costumes from previous years the art department said we could really enhance this if we had better costumes. So they ordered a LOT of fabric and began sewing, and I am helping in the process (as making 100 some new costumes from scratch is a very big task). 

All the fabric is already cut out when I get it, so I just have to assemble it. Here we have all the peaces for the child's Afghani dress.

Here is pict of the front.

As you can see in this pict the skirt has a lot of fabric, but as I said before, not so much as the last one. You wont be tripping for lack of leg room when you run in this dress! Also, see I have not hemmed the bottom, that is because it will likely be hemmed latter to fit the actress.

And this one is just a random photo of the materiel at the waist.

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