Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Boy Mechanic, Volume 1 - 700 Things for Boys to Do


I just wanted to share something I found on the net the other day. The Boy Mechanic, Volume 1 - 700 Things for Boys to Do. I looks like a festinating old book.


Anonymous said...

No way!, I have this one.

Its in better shape, i used to make things from it from when i was younger. i wonder if there is a vol 2

Anonymous said...

Me again, there are several of these books,

here is a link to a .pdf copy of the book uploaded by a Microsoft funded project


Be Safe tho, safety and legal concerns are not what they used to be.

if i find more i'll put a url in

Anonymous said...

Far out, was able to find these numbers to go with this book. ranging from 1902-1924 ... i think. (my v1 book is 1902)

v.1 (700 Things For a Boy to Do)
ISBN 0-921335-66-0;

v.2 (1000 Things..)
ISBN 0-921335-68-7;

v.3 (800 Things)
ISBN 0-921335-70-9;

v.4 (1349 Things)
ISBN 0-921335-72-5;

i hope this helps someone.