Thursday, June 9, 2011

Popular series from the past: Rag Rug Garb

     To get myself going I am going to post a series of articles linking to my most popular tutorial collections. The first is about my "famous" Rag Rug garb. Rag rugs are very versatile, cheep, and easy to work with. The possibilities of how to put them together are endless, I have come up with 2 methods that work well.

     Rag rugs garb, some people love it, some hate it. I call them "poor man's gambesons". Though they don't offer any real physical protection like a proper gambeson they do offer a fighter many of a gambeson's other benefits. They offer a good bit of padding to hard blows that takes the sting off if you have sensitive skin, they offer great padding for chain mail and other armours making them more comfortable to wear and get hit in, they breath very well in hot weather because of the large loos weave, and also provide insulation and warmth in cold weather.
      Rag rug garb can be very simple to make, it can take less than 2 minutes to put together a simple tabard/vest and perhaps an hour to but together a full coat. I find my rag rugs at a dollar store (dollarama) for $1-$2 a peace, making the cost range from $2-$8 for a peace of garb.

A rag rug coat.
A spear man in a rag rug tabard.


Dagonet29 said...

THis is a very innovative and wonderfully thrifty idea. I especially love the picture of the archer with the green sash, as the sash/rag rug combo gives a great "steppes warrior" look. Great post and great blog man!

The Movie Maker said...

Thanks Dragonet!