Monday, August 8, 2011

Weapons Rack

You can see me on the left in my armour (Photo by Savage)
I was privileged to attend my first ever american Belegarth event a few weeks ago, Chaos Wars in Hailley Idao. I was able to set up my pavilion tent in our Canadian Camp and we used it as our gear tent, one half housed all our food, coolers, dishes and other eating supplies, and the other side housed fighting gear such as weapons, armour and repair materials.

However, the inside of the tent began to fill up with all our gear, it formed a large pile so that we couldn't really get at the weapons we wanted and the weapons a the bottom were getting squished. Whats more the pile began to encroach on the food side of the tent so we couldn't get at out food ether.

The solution to this was to build and arming rack out of stick from the woods. we used as much rope as we could find and then some duct tape when that ran out. Our passing weapons would be leaned on the rack wile the failing weapons that needed repair would be placed in the tent so on one would accidentally use them.

Camp "Canaidia"
You can see we added a few modifications as the week went on to better accommodate different weapon sizes and add structural integrity. When we packed up we just cut the tape of and through the sticks back in to the woods!