Friday, July 25, 2008

Rolling Edges - Making a Simple Pauldron: Pt. 3

When I first started making armor on my little C-clamp I though Rolling edges were way to advanced a technique for me to pull of. I was over joyed when I randomly tried to do it anyways and succeeded!

You Will Need:

  • Hammer
  • Steel
  • Anvil or Bench Clamp
  • Gloves (heavier is better, helps to absorb shack)

Ok here is a close up on the clamp I am using an a mini anvil (it even looks like one!), I have been calling this a c-clamp, but I now realize it isn't, (oopes!) I think it is a Bench Clamp... But am not quite sure (Came from my grandpa who is no longer living...). Anyone know?

1. So lets get started! Place the steel over the edge of a flat edge of the anvil like so. Where the anvil and steel meat will become the outside edge of the rolled edge.

2. Pound on the extended unsupported edge edge. It will begin to fold over and after a few passes it will begin to look like this.

When the steel is bent about 90° you can move on to the next step.

3. Pace the steel on the anvil like so.

4. Hammering at an angel you will begin to fold the lip of the steel over

It may be a bit tricky to get at it at the right angel, feel free to reposition the steel.

5. Done! After a wile you will have a fully rolled edge, here it is from the "top" see how I rolled it so that it curves to fit my neck?

And from the bottom.

A nice rounded edge!

And now on to the opposite edge...

In progress...

Almost there...

There we have it two rolled edges!

Rolling edges make them just that much safer, and are a good idea on places where the edge of your armor will some in contact with you often, or potentially with another combatant, like my neck or the outside edge of the shoulder.

Making sure the edges are still penny rounded after the edge rolling.

Seeing how it will sit on my shoulder.

Here is a video of me finishing on some edges.

Recommended Reading:
This Site gives a tutorial on much more advanced armoring edge rolling and is well worth the read: Age of Armour: How To Roll Edges

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