Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Step one, rolling the edges - Making a Rerebrace: pt. 1

We are going to take a break from our - Making a Simple Pauldron tutorials and move in to what I am going to call the "Rerebrace". From the Wiki: Plate that covers the section of upper arm from elbow to area covered by shoulder armour.
Though really it is probably the arm part of the pauldron, as I will attach it to my pauldron, which is why I am waiting to post a tutorial on straps and buckles.

First of I will be rolling some edges. I will be using the technique in this previous tutorial: Rolling Edges - Making a Simple Pauldron: Pt. 3 The only thing extra you will need is a pencil.

First of I envision how the rerebrace to "sit" on my arm. I am specifically looking for places where I might have trouble with pinching or friction. Here I expect I will have some friction in the arm pit aria.

Well based on that I might want to make the rerebrace a bit thinner in that aria to minimize contact, and role the edges to make it more comfortable.

So I draw where I want the folds with the pencil.

At this poin just folow the Rolling Edges - Making a Simple Pauldron: Pt. 3 tutorial. Here as you can see is my first edge rolled.

And here is both rolled!

And from the top!

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