Friday, August 8, 2008

I need your help! Feedback wanted!


     Well it has been 3 months since I started and I think it is time to refocus, see... We have a problem. I am making tutorials faster than I can make stuff!
     Well I haven't been able to work on any new stuff for a wile now, and 3 tutorials a week is causing me to run out of material fast. Don't worry I will still have new tutorials for next week. However I am going to have to rethink posting tutorials 3 times a week, probably tapering it down to 2 times a week. Just giving you a heads up. I will still post 3 times a week however, but I need ideas for relevant content.

I want to make this site what you want it to be. So I have some questions:
  • What do you think of the tutorials? Lame? Good?
  • What would make you post comments?
  • What kind of tutorials would you like to see?

So what else would you like to see with this site/blog? Here are some ideas for other things I might like to post on and about:
  • Cool tutorials from other sites
  • Reviews on other cool tutorial sites
  • News from the making stuff world
  • Your submitted tutorials
  • Showcase projects you have made using tutorials on this site
Would you be interested in these things? If not let me know! If yes, maybe you have some ideas?


Gabe said...

I think you should definitely make this blog more pink. I don't know why; something about it just SCREAMS pink at me.

Maybe I'm confused.

The Movie Maker said...

Pink eh? At first I was like, Uhhh. No. But the more I think of it... The more I like it. Might be good for advertising? Yes it might. "No its not Salmon! Its pink!"