Monday, August 18, 2008

Mini Satchel Tutorial


First, let me state here right now. I am not teaching you how to use a sewing machine, nor am I even teaching you how to sew. I will show you some thing on my sewing machine, but almost every machine is different so it may not apply to your machine!

Here is the pattern I am using. I made it up.

Pin the pattern to you material.

I am using a fake leather brown vinyl stuff, with a soft backing.

Now... where was I? Right, pin it down.

Now cut it out! Simple!

I had to change my needle to a leather needle. After a lot of fighting with the machine not working. I put the needle in the right way (it was sidewise).

Here is my sewing machine.

Place 2 edges together, the good (what will be the outside) in. the good sides, in my case the vinyl side, should be touching the other good side. The Fuzzy side it out, up and down.

Make sure the foot is down or the seam wont work. Fist pict is the lever that puts it up and dow, the second is the foot in the up position.

There are many kind of seams you can use. U use 6, and 9 predominantly.

here is the trigger for sewing backwards. Sew backwards once as the biging of a seam and once at the end, this will crate a knot that will stop the seam from pulling out.

Once seam done!

See, I am sewing as tight as I feel comfortable going.

All 4 corners done!

Now, I realize I am doing this backwards. I should have done the edges after the in side bit.

Here is what it looks like so far.

Ok, so here I am sewing in the divider.

The divider in. Also you can see the edges rolled over and sewed down giving it a nicer finished.

To secure the flap I used one of my wooden Toggals as aposed to a button.

And see how it works wit the flap.

here is the hole the toggal goes through.

To make it functional you could add a shoulder strap, however I wanted to wear it on my belt.

See here how it is sewn on.


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