Thursday, November 6, 2008

Steel Greaves

greave |grēv|
noun historical
a piece of armor used to protect the shin.

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French greve ‘shin, greave,’ of unknown origin.

There are a few peaces of armer that get used most, Bracers, and Greaves. The Bracers protect your forearms and wrists, and the Greaves protect your shin aria. These arias are quick and easy targets, and although not usually fatal on there own, will usually decide a fight.

Here is the Pattern traced on to the steel. And  the equipment I used.

See how I expect it to fit. A article on patterns coming soon I promise!

So, not a lot of pict (I for got sorry!), but here they are under construction. I broke a jig blade an dulled another one cutting these out, don't know why it was so hard.

And here they are finished!

Ask questions as needed.

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